On this decision…

On this decision hangs the fate of many things

And if you listen I can state the very things

That give my mission precision from the date it brings

Me a new vision, vindication – there for the taking

My fear, based in part on conversations I have had

Is here, in the dark situations when I am mad

It’s clear, in the heart of devastation so sad

And always near, to spark this new route to embark on – good or bad

They think I’m going after some far-off sun

But I’m trying to tear forward; I won’t be outrun

Standing still means going backwards; that means you’re done

Cos this party was over before it even begun

And no, I haven’t got big numbers behind me, mate

Socially of no fixed abode, unaligned…but wait!

As long as I’m pleased in the future when I rewind this tape

And know I found what was there to find – that’s fate


Almost believing I’m the speaker


But this is the digital age – forget tapes, got my C: drive

.exe file, scan my plans from raw to deep fried

Is it best for me to rest on the west or the east side?

No floppy disks, don’t copy this – not for me, Clive!

If it all goes wrong, what happens – do I crack then?

Will my steel be strong like it was way back when?

Or will I go to ground and it’s fade to black again?

Like sleeping through an album and waking up at track 10!

Never loved, only respected – I’ve got my fans, though

Cos I turn a risk into a tactical plan…go!

In my element, my own zone – I’m that kind of man, so

I’ll become known as I’ve shown – honouring Jill Dando!

Retreat might give me respite but then real regret

I see there’s a red line that I just haven’t met

The heat when I get high has just simmered as yet

There may not be a next time so I must be all set…


Almost believing I’m the speaker


The lyrics to Game-Set-Match: a commentary on the state of tennis



He used to be the predator

The chairman, secretary and treasurer

The emperor

But other competitors…

Like Novak Djokovic

He knows a lot of this

His grand slam record is spotless

On that topic, he can rock it


The gaffer, some stature

In claytime

Ball attacker, shot dispatcher

From the baseline

Injury misery put Murray on the periphery

So it feels like a victory to see him

Back in the vicinity


Del to the Potro

He’s been through hell, but he’s not low

And you can tell he’s on the top row

He does so well when he’s got to, got to show

Stan Wawrinka – what persistence

Lateral thinker – in his existence

Had to tinker his game

To go the distance

See, tennis can make a pretty story

Or it can be gritty/tawdry

Listen, it’s a pity glory

Hasn’t come to Nishikori

Beaten by Cilic

2014 Final – the finish

Ye, the big man knew how to win it

After beating Federer with spirit – he killed it!




Ready set, let’s go for the match play

Wimbledon’s busy with the new grass lay

French players had their chance on that clay

Tsonga, Simon and Monfils and Gasquet

The missing piece in the big 5 jigsaw

Was supposed to be Dimitrov (Grigor)

In the big games he really ought to give more

Otherwise he might as well withdraw

Querrey – big server

Very much with fervour

Been to a semi, can he get further?

Ask me, the tennis observer!

Anderson – last year nearly got his hands on one

US Open, had a chance, had a run

Still questions, but at Wimbledon he answered some



His serve is hypertonic

The speed is cyclonic

Like poetry; a nice sonnet

Goffin is a top man

He’s got some beautiful shots and

A good all-round game but it’s always the same

His grand slam record is not grand


Smaller players’ leader; their foreman

Watching him never leads to boredom

Knows how to put in a big performance

And this’ll be my third trip

Got time off work and a permit

It will be worth it, just to see Thomas Berdych!



Winning a slam? He ain’t far off

And can Sasha be the gatecrasher

Of stature who can matter?

Thiem’s dream is a familiar theme

Can Coric be the tonic and reign supreme?

Kyrgios and Kokkinakis

Can they hit their targets?

Can Tsitsipas hit the gas

And become a starlet?

Americans are here so

They’ve got a stake in this

With Tiafoe

And the boy Taylor Fritz


Can Rub(lev)/Med(vedev)/Khach(anov)

Get through every match

Russians under discussion

‘Cos they’re ruling their patch

I think Dzumhur’s gonna be a late bloomer

Jarry’s in this new army

And Vesely’s getting better technically

My thought, not a rumour!

Haase the grafter

The hard-hitting master

If his hands can

Get on a grand slam

It’s a non-starter

Gets through the first two rounds

Then goes out thereafter

Chardy and Gulbis and Karlovic and Paire

Older hardies like Lopez, Verdasco, Ferrer!





People say “who’s he”?

His backhand is a thing of beauty

His celebration is vivacious but on occasions

It’s his duty…

Do you see?


There’s a rave at the weekend

All the money saved is what we spend

Rethink unless its free drinks otherwise we’re in the financial deep end!

I can see it now, it will be outside

Somehow that sounds about right

No loud commercial music – how trite!

And it will have an open mic

Installed most likely overnight

By an old ghost or poltergeist

I’ll break it bad, like Walter White!

Will I impress the audience?

Or be an excess of gaudiness?

Or sound depressed or laborious?

I only want to test they’re curious!

Should I go or just stay put?

Remembering how the last rave looked

I went once then became hooked

Made me feel so tall, like 8 foot

Stay in and watch television?

Judi Dench and Helen Mirren

My face would be forever hidden

And not exactly well-positioned!

No, I’ve gotta be centre stage

Cos I’m still at a tender age

And these are now momentous days

Trying to avoid a tremendous rage

Make the most of my latitude

Don’t ever wanna be sat aloof

Make new friends, no matter who

Stays with me on this path to new

Check One Two

Go for the big prizes with stability behind us

Everyone realises there’s agility to bind us

They’ve never seen such flair than when we’re on our A game

Higher speed than 8 trains, avoiding the plain lanes

We know what we’re running from, but not towards

Give it some, escape from the hordes with the flat and sharp chords

Always different to the norm…but not belligerent to those who conform


We use our brains to impress, not looks or physique

Hit a peak when we speak in a way that’s unique

A*s in thinking deeply and laterally, that’s chiefly the strategy, it keeps me from apathy

We’ll dance to our beat even if no-one else is doing so

Am I in their viewing mode? I’m assuming no!

The atmosphere is ours as we continue, decked in blue

Is that clear, is it within you? Check one two

Check check check one two [repeated]


Musical version to be found here:

World Cup Rap: England’s Future (play with flair)

From early days our playing ways were purely practical

No intent to reinvent or cement something maturely tactical

Allardyce and others like him are surely too didactical

And people are surprised when England’s tournament time is anticlimactical


We had the nightmare of Nice against an immutable Iceland

So might there be a cease to the FA’s usual silence?

Guus Hiddink on a 2-year plan was clearly warranted

If they did it that super man would have been sincerely restorative


But oh no, the blazers running the show, appraisers of what they know

They amaze us when they fix their gazes like lasers on the safe-choice pro

How’s it looking? What, they’re cooking the same old recipe??

Trevor Brooking shouldn’t be touching England’s football destiny!


St George’s Park gives us a sort of spark and a modernity

But until we fulfil, thrill and win to nil v Brazil and Germany

There’s still many corners for turning and reforming of learning

FA earnings are concerning so I’ve a yearning to bring Barry Hearn in


And while we’re at it, let’s get Sir Clive Woodward and Simon Jordan

There’d be no boredom with him as the foreman, blazers would be discordant

So Goodnight Vienna, put it right whenever – then we’ll know he tried

Raw plans become deep-fried, stored into the C: Drive and we thrive – that’s good enough for me, Clive!



We should incorporate ideas for debate, get former England players on board and their former mates

And they could formulate concepts, and inaugurate a new forum – they’d all be equal, no subordinates!


I’m sure we can find a role for Harry Redknapp – he’d be top, top class

And give Gazza something to do – keep him off the bottle and the shot glass


I believe in Southgate to lead us through the challenges we now face

I tell my housemates we won’t be outrun or outpaced


We got youthful flair – that much is truthfully there

It’s not just useful, it’s crucial in an extra-time affair

It is fruitful and shouldn’t be unusual when a World Cup’s in the air

So give it your approval if you’re not a neutral, and like me, you care


And through the door without pain, we can score against Spain

Breed more of those with a football brain, and the three lions will roar again!
















Blueshade…if this is all played

As the morning sun rises

Overflow…if you should know

If you’re into the fliers


You’ve got what you wanted

But you’re still not satisfied

You see the day fall away

And what becomes of it

Look ahead, look around

What is to come off and come inside

You’ve come this far

All at stake, down the hill

They look like they’ve got it going on

These things just don’t happen to you

Things could be so much worse

Keep hope alive and around

Others are crafting their own and hitting heights

In such a cool way

Another way to be

If only a better way to fail